Information Collected by memories365

Personal data is collected solely if necessary for the operation of our website. This data at our disposal helps us provide a streamlined, personalized service. Memories365 users provide us with the following data types:

Simply said,

We collect information to make memories365 useful for you and to provide a personalized experience.

Information You Provide To Us

1) Any data you input on our site or provide to us in any other manner will be collected and stored by us. You may still use the site without providing any information, but you may be limited in what you can do.

2) Registration: Remember that you’ll need to sign up for memories365’s services before you can start using them. For this registration form, we need you to provide certain personal details. When you sign up for our services, we legally gather information from you to deliver those services and interact with you. Only data necessary to carry out our services will be collected from you, the customer.

3) User Profile: We encourage you to add a bio, a website link, and other personal details to your profile beyond what was required at registration so that you may fully express yourself. Plus, you may personalize your profile by adding a picture of yourself. You have some say over how your information is shown and utilized, as explained in the “Sharing Your Information” section below.

4) If you decide to cancel your memories365 account, you will still be able to access, review, change, and transfer your personal information.

Data Collection
The user’s name and email address are gathered upon registration. To enhance the site, our servers keep track of user interactions. For a more personalized experience, we collect geolocation information.

Automatic Information
When you interact with us, we may record and save some data. memories365 and its authorized parties gather “traffic data,” which includes information such as your Internet Protocol address, cookies, and the page you requested. memories365 uses statistics to fix bugs, study patterns, and manage the service overall. No personal information is collected.

memories365 and its authorized agents may also gather information about your device’s software, identification, settings (including language), and crashes. You can only get the information you need if the gadget or system is up to the task. The data may be used to analyze trends and identify website or mobile app issues. No PII (personally identifiable information) will be collected under any circumstances.

Memories365 may track your device’s location data. This Policy describes how Memories365 will handle geolocation data provided by its users.

Memories 365 displays how many times a page has been viewed. User profiles may be customized.

Different firms provide anonymizing software. Memories365 can only tailor your experience to you after first validating your identity.


memories365 respects your right to privacy and will never distribute your email address without your permission, as detailed in “Sharing Your Information” below. Memories365 may send promotional emails, including surveys, polls, deals, and other information. memories365 may notify you of site activity through email and/or push notifications (e.g. “new followers”). You are OK with being notified in this way. Access the “Email notifications” section of your User Profile or click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any of our emails if you no longer want to receive them. Visit the User Profile section of your app to cancel push notifications. You will continue to receive system notifications (such as password reminders) and legal alerts until you terminate your registration (e.g., policy changes).

The messaging function in memories365 allows users to communicate with one another. memories365 may do message service monitoring as described in this Policy but does not collect personally identifiable information (except as outlined in this Privacy Policy). The chat feature on memories365 is entirely voluntary; you may stop using it whenever you choose, and you can also ban and report other users. Information you disclose or share with other memories365 users is done so at your own risk. memories365 will not be responsible for any disclosures made by you in its chat room.

memories365 keeps tabs on its messaging service to improve it, but the company does not read users’ private messages unless they have been reported for inappropriate behavior. Whether or not we receive a complaint, we will investigate the allegedly inappropriate communications to determine whether or not they violate our Terms of Service and, if so, what action, up to and including user termination, we will take. Users can block unwanted conversation partners and discontinue usage of the memories365 chat at any time.

Simply said,

Following your User Profile’s settings, you will get an email and push notifications. Occasionally, we send out an email to all of our subscribers. No one here at Memories365 will see your posts until you’ve been reported.


Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are delivered to your computer’s hard drive via your Web browser and are used to track the time and frequency of your visits. Cookies placed by Memories365 do not keep track of users’ movements inside the service.

Google Analytics is used to monitor user activity on memories365. Cookies are used by services like Google Analytics to collect anonymous information about site visitors (including IP addresses).

The “help” menu of your browser should explain how to disable cookies, block all cookies, or get a notification when you receive a new cookie. To take full advantage of what memories365 offers, you should keep cookies on. Cookies may be used on our site by advertisers and other business partners. These cookies aren’t under our control.

Simply said,

Using cookies, our system can recall your information. Safety. When users browse our site, third-party analytics providers may learn about them via cookies.


To better our website and mobile applications, memories365 uses Google Analytics and Amplitude to track user behavior. These tools monitor how users interact with our online properties. There is no personally identifiable information in this sort of data, which might include event logs, device type, configuration settings, language, crash statistics, and more. memories365 does not share any of your personal information with these third-party services.

Simply said,

The analysis of use patterns and the subsequent decisions are aided by the data collected by a third party. Per this policy, these tools do not collect any personally identifiable information.

Privacy Policy Changes

memories365 has the right to update this Policy at any moment. Information we gather at this time will be subject to the Privacy Policy in force at the time it is utilized. If we make any changes to the Privacy Policy, we will let you know by making a statement on the memories365 website. This will ensure that you are constantly informed of the data we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we release it.

Simply said,

The Privacy Policy may change.

Conditions of Use

This Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service, and any potential privacy-related issues are all governed by Ontario law and apply to your use of the memories365 website and any information collected within.

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Memory365’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to all visitors.