Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy, especially your special memories, is important. Therefore memories365 LLC does collect or store any information from our users, nor does memories365 LLC engage in marketing or tracking of users.

The following is the memories365 privacy policy:

  1. Data collection and use:
    The memories365 app does not have the ability to collect your data. Neither memories365 LLC, nor any of the developers used, collect or store personal data from users. Furthermore, memories365 LLC does not disclose personal information to third parties or marketers.
  2.  Data protection:
    Upon opening the app for the first time, the user will be asked to allow access to photos stored on the device. In order for the app to work correctly, the user should allow access to all photos and images. The images accessed and used by the app are completely stored in the user’s device, and no personal data is transmitted to memories365 LLC.
  3. Exports and social media access:
    The memories365 app allows for your custom photo montage to be exported (as an image or pdf) or shared with various social media services. The exporting and sharing of your images are completely controlled by the user. Exporting and sharing outside the app is completely at the user’s discretion and falls outside of this privacy policy. Please refer to the privacy policy of the respective social media service if you wish to share your memories.
  4. Tracking:
    The app does not use cookies or otherwise track users.
  5. Amendments:
    memories365 LLC reserves the right to amend this privacy policy from time to time. Any changes will be updated on our privacy policy before going into effect.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please email